Outrageous Alexander McQueen SS 2010 Ad Campaign

25 Jan

A few months back I shared my take on Alexander McQueen’s SS 2010 Python Armadillo shoes. They are over a foot tall (yes, a foot), and have seen no shortage of media coverage since last season’s Fashion Week. I just came across a preview of McQueen’s latest ad campaign featuring these snakeskin stilettos and it’s pretty outrageous! 

Double take? I’ll admit I found locating model Raquel Zimmermann to be a minor challenge. It is unclear as to whether she is wearing dozens of snakes or the snakes are, in fact, wearing her.

Though clearly creepy, the image successfully embodies the edginess that is a McQueen creation. And all of the candy colors take the freakiness down a notch, making it quite appealing to the eye.  I only wish I could get a better look at what appears to be the animal-print catsuit that Zimmermann is wearing…

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