What’s new pussycat?

29 Mar

Be it dramatic eye makeup or slanted sunglasses, you can expect to see a lot of cat-eyes going on this spring. Designers high and low have embraced the trend – from Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang to Forever 21.

Too cloudy to sport sunnies (without looking like a jackass)? Just add a little curve to your eyelids and reveal your inner friskiness. Okay, maybe this is a lot of curve, but you get the idea…

Bright and sunshiny? Feline frames are the simple accessory that can amplify even the most ordinary of outfits. Throw them on with something casual and turn boring into brilliant!

SHOP THE LOOK: 1. Alexander Wang Cat Eye sunglasses 2. Nasty Gal Feline Shades 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Havana sunglasses 4. Forever 21 cat eye sunglasses

*image 1 via modellove

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