May, 2010

Nude lips sink ships

18 May

Grungy and gorgeous. Really… can you go wrong with messy hair, nude lips, and peacock colors? I think not.


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<p style=Constance Jablonski in “Wild Child” shot by Daniel Jackson for Vogue China

Birthday Cake

17 May

Birthday Cake

Over the weekend we went to Oyster Fest to drink to my sister’s 21st, taste the local fare, and dance to Cake (one of Blake’s favorite bands)! The best part was Lola accompanied us on our outing… everything is better with my animal co-pilot.

The weather was not ideal, but we made-d0 with bundles and blankets. I tried to brighten things up a bit with my pastel-colored outfit. Nothing like purple jeans and a mint-green tee to light up the mood, right? It is spring after all…

*wearing: LF jeans and tee, Steve Madden studded boots, Forever21 denim jacket/Juicy faux fur coat, Chanel sunglasses, vintage Chanel pendant from St. Eve

Two birds with one stone

16 May

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.” -Carrie Bradshaw

<p style=By now you probably know that I really like shoes. Problem is my obsession is putting both strain on my bank account and clutter in my closet.

This morning I skipped up the street to LF (it’s only 1.5 blocks away – awesome) and that’s when it happened… I spotted the most perfect pair of clunky black wedges. It was love at first sight. I tried them on, stared at them starry-eyed, cradled them for a while, and then, with a heavy heart, said my goodbyes.

“You really cannot buy another pair of shoes”, I told myself. “Laura, get a grip and walk away.” And walk away I did. But my feelings came with me and I spent all morning being haunted by the thought of these shoes. And the thought of someone else wearing what could be mine. I think I might have a problem.

I checked my bank account a few times (like the balance was going to magically increase or something), and that’s when it hit me… I have a trash bag of old clothes and an overfilled closet in desperate need of spring cleaning. So I dove in – filled up another bag, and headed off to Crossroads Trading Co. to try and make some extra $$$.

I waited in angst as they rummaged through my beloved items (I form really strong attachments to my things), but was pleased to find out that I had earned exactly $8 more than I needed to buy the shoes. You know what happened next!

So, it is with a lighter wardrobe and taller shoes that I write… it’s true that every problem has a solution, sometimes you’ve just got to get creative.

*image via dirty little style whore

It’s the little things…

15 May

Happy Saturday! We’re headed over to Oyster Fest (just down the street) to drink some beer, snack, and listen to music. Cake is playing — don’t you just love the name of that band? 

Hope you have a lovely, lovely day ♥ 

xx Laura

2 Days in the Valley

13 May

2 Days in the Valley

As you know, we recently took a weekend vacay to the glorious Napa Valley…

This past Saturday, Blake, his parents, and I were picked up bright and early to begin our whirlwind adventure through four intimate, family-run wineries. We went to the spots you’d never find on your own — with amazing scenery, people, and duh… wine.

My favorite was a place called Hopper Creek, where “Big Dan” (pictured above) poured us seven generous tastings — which were all, seriously… like full glasses.  While we were enjoying their fine varietals, he must have guzzled at least 4 tall-boys in addition to the wine that he was sampling with us along the way. It quickly became impossible not to have a good time. Overall, I must say that the trip was a wild success, and I cannot wait to go back!

This weekend my sister is coming to San Francisco to celebrate her 21st birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAINA! We’ll be rocking out to Cake at Oyster Fest on Saturday in Fort Mason.  With Sunday comes the infamous Bay to Breakers race (aka dress up like a weirdo and push a keg-carrying shopping cart through the city). Busy, busy. Stay tuned!

xx Laura

*wearing: Aqua romper, Forever 21 denim jacket, vintage cross-body bag, LF sun hat, Jeffrey Campbell cage sandals, random socks

Chanel Cruise 2011

12 May

I need a vacation… and something Chanel. ♥ 

Chanel Cruise 2011 Chanel Cruise 2011
Chanel Cruise 2011 Chanel Cruise 2011
Chanel Cruise 2011 Chanel Cruise 2011
Chanel Cruise 2011 Chanel Cruise 2011
Chanel Cruise 2011 Chanel Cruise 2011


Karl Lagerfeld has done it again with a breathtaking Cruise 2011 Collection.

“There’s something magical about Saint-Tropez. It’s so easy, and it doesn’t require overcomplicated clothes. It’s not a bling-bling place, it’s a natural place,” he explains of the playful, feminine designs. I love how some of the models are carrying their sandals.

My favorite is that hippie-chic netted number (bottom left). What’s yours?

*images & info via WWD

Peju ought to know

10 May

Peju ought to know

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Napa with Blake and his wonderful parents. Not only was I in great company, but Northern California wine country happens to be one of my favorite places on earth! The rolling, vine-covered hills offer breathtaking views, and with over 400 wineries to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

These pictures were taken at Peju winery. We enjoyed an afternoon there munching on pretzels & mustard, tasting fudge syrup variations, and, of course, drinking wine!

Their “Provence” table wine is probably the best red I’ve tasted, so I took the opportunity to stock up. It’s super light in color and taste… best served chilled. The fresh and fruity flavor makes it an ideal wine for a warm summer afternoon! Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Napa you’ve got to stop by and try this stuff.

Wine and snacks aside, the overall experience was a total delight! From the stunning garden to the upstairs art gallery, the Peju ambiance is a tough one to beat.

wearing: LF maxi dress & asymmetrical tank, Zara belt, Forever 21 denim jacket, Surface to Air double ring, vintage jewelry