June, 2010

Tired Tuesday

29 Jun

Tired Tuesday

You guys, I was so tired today! It was one of those mornings where you hit the snooze like 14 times before stumbling out of bed into a very blurred reality. I had no desire to “look cute”, and I’ll be honest… it’s been more than a couple days since I last washed my hair.

But I am working girl after all, so I fought the urge to roll back over and sleep ‘til noon like I wanted to. This wasn’t easy… hence my Tired Tuesday outfit: granny-status elastic waist jeans (that’s right!), a loose-fitting tee, and oversized thrifted sweater. Made curling up under my desk midday for a power nap much more comfortable. Juuust kidding!

*wearing: Zara jean sweats, T by Alexander Wang shirt, thrifted sweater, Jeffrey Campbell platform sandals, necklace courtesy of my sister’s closet.

OnTheSpot: Haiku Ambulance

28 Jun

Since embarking on my little blogging adventure earlier this year, one of my favorite parts has been the amazing community that goes along with it. I have met some seriously awesome people, and I find so much inspiration in what other bloggers are doing. For this reason, I have decided to introduce OnTheSpot – a regular feature where I’ll put the focus on some of my favorite bloggers, who I feel have amazing style. Hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

First up in the series is the lovely Zoë Cullie of Haiku Ambulance:

There is no shortage of gals (ok, and a few guys) who have blown my mind with their creativity/radicality, however, I thought Zoë of Haiku Ambulance would be the perfect blogger to kick off OnTheSpot. She’s funny, one of a kind, and clearly as stylish as can be. So sit back, enjoy the hilarious interview, and for crying out loud… follow her blog! You’ll be glad you did.

How long have you been blogging and how did you get into it?
I started a blog about five or six years ago when I lived in Tampa, Florida under the alias Haiku Ambulance. It was just a simple little photoblog, and I totally neglected it for years. Then a little over a year ago, I set up this blog and it was still incredibly boring (for anyone reading), so I decided to grow a pair and finally start properly posting outfits. Best decision ever.

What’s the story behind your blog’s name?
Haiku Ambulance is the title of a really pointless poem by my favorite writer ever. Goes like this:
A piece of green pepper
off the wooden salad bowl
      so what?
Not that I even think the poem is that good, I just love those two words together.

How would you describe your style in a nutshell?
Yikes. This is so tough, I guess I just have to keep it really open and confusing because it seriously changes daily. Let’s go with.. The vintage modern lady-gentleman. I have no idea.

What are three pieces you’d hate to live without and why?
Well I very recently acquired a vintage, grey, silk obi belt that has proven its weight in gold. It can fix a pair of ill-fitting trousers, transform a girly skirt into something far more interesting, and guarantee that a blouse will stay tucked in when I tell it to. Second, I would be lost without my thrifted black blazer from the child’s section. It fits perfectly, and is just the right length that it can be worn with skirts without looking super conservative or boring. Third would have to be at least one of my bandanas/scarves because I obviously wear one almost every day. They are essential to my survival.

Who and/or what inspires your style?
Well, definitely all of the women whose stuff I buy at the thrift stores. But also, just being so involved in the blogging community, I am saturated with inspiration. It’s awesome because we all almost even inspire each other by way of osmosis- this network of bloggers is so vast that there is never a shortage of amazing ladies and gentleman out there blowing your mind.

Where do you love to go shopping (special spots, flea markets, or other haunts)?
I’m convinced that the Thrift near my work is truly the best in town. If not the world. So that is a definite favorite- as are the flea markets and garage sales. I also have a big, mushy, Forever 21 shaped hole in my soul.

Favorite drink and places to imbibe?
I love my Macallan 12. And I think my favorite spot to drink it is honestly in my dad’s back yard. He has an amazing view of the stars, and an excellent hammock. Plus, he’s usually cooking.

Death row, last meal, what’s up?
An entire lobe of foie gras, brussel sprouts, pizza rolls, a whole avocado, mashed potatoes, and curly fries. Served with a Sprite, a Budweiser, a glass of your finest Pinot, and a smoke.

What’s the most important part of a sandwich?
Obviously the mayo.

What are a few of your favorite blogs?

I doubt I need to convince you that it’s worth checking out Zoë’s blog at this point (seriously, how awesome is she?). But, if you need a call to action… go ahead, make the move.

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

27 Jun

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Yesterday we spent the afternoon celebrating Swedish Midsummer with the people of bloglovin’. Boy, do they know how to throw a party! We ate delicious traditional food (potatoes, hard boiled eggs, the most amazing rolls), sang, danced, and drank. My kinda celebration!

Everyone was seriously nice… an amazing Saturday! I’d be lying if I said I’m not terribly hung over, but it was all worth it.

Oh yeah… follow my blog on bloglovin’! ♥

*wearing: Mink Pink dress, Nasty Gal socks, Jeffrey Campbell clogs, Marc Jacobs scarf/headwrap

Curly Q

26 Jun

When I was little I wanted really curly hair. These days I have come to embrace my boring but manageable tresses. Still, I think it would be fun to rock a perm for a week or two!

*images via ModelLove, Fashion Gone Rogue

Doin things by the books

24 Jun

Doin things by the books

It’s cold. I’m talking winter cold in San Francisco, and I don’t like it one bit. Summer my rump! San Francisco is like that bipolar friend who you have fun with but can’t trust. What I wouldn’t give to be sweating on a beach right now…

WIth the sun nowhere in sight, Blake and I decided to try and snap a few photos to see how they’d turn out. On days like today, all I feel like doing is bundling up in my apartment with a nice glass of wine. Red wine is my saving grace on days like today. Indian Summer, I’ll be waiting for you… and you better be good this year, or else I am moving to the tropics!

OK, sorry for complaining, I got carried away. It’s really not that bad! And I do love my city. Though, isn’t it funny how everything seems better after a good glass of wine? ♥

*wearing: LF dress, Nasty Gal crochet tunic, Sam Edelman boots

Javier making magic

21 Jun

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat

Just came across the work of incredible photographer, Javier Vallhonrat… browsing through some of the editorials he’s shot over the past hour has kind of blown my mind. There’s romantic and girly, pixie pastels, and hot vixen soaking wet. It’s all there and it’s all seriously inspirational. Can you even imagine all of the work that goes into creating these beautiful images?

*images for Vogue UK, Flair Magazine, unknown

Strapped for cash

20 Jun

Strapped for cash

Last week Blake and I went out for sushi before swinging by a shopping event at Fort Mason… I took the opportunity to sport my new Lucyd Acyd strapped leggings. I think they are so unique — I just love ’em!

The event had tons of incredible garments, bags, shoes (you get the idea) from the likes of Chanel, YSL, Marc, and more. Fun to browse, but the prices, unfortunately, were through the roof. My excessive shopping over the past month left me with too small a budget to have any fun with.

How rad are these pony hair booties? After petting them I’m convinced I need a deep condition.

What a fun weekend we had! My sister Daina has officially moved to San Francisco for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited. Lola is really excited too… It’s like she forgot that I exist. My mom helped Daina move up so once all the work was done, we shopped, ate amazing food, and drank the nights away.

Ready to cook up some serious garlic mashed potatoes (my specialty), watch True Blood, and wind down a bit. Hope everyone had a good weekend! xx

*Lucyd Acyd leggings, Zara blouse, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Alexander Wang bag, jemstone & skull earrings