Tired Tuesday

29 Jun

You guys, I was so tired today! It was one of those mornings where you hit the snooze like 14 times before stumbling out of bed into a very blurred reality. I had no desire to “look cute”, and I’ll be honest… it’s been more than a couple days since I last washed my hair.

But I am working girl after all, so I fought the urge to roll back over and sleep ‘til noon like I wanted to. This wasn’t easy… hence my Tired Tuesday outfit: granny-status elastic waist jeans (that’s right!), a loose-fitting tee, and oversized thrifted sweater. Made curling up under my desk midday for a power nap much more comfortable. Juuust kidding!

*wearing: Zara jean sweats, T by Alexander Wang shirt, thrifted sweater, Jeffrey Campbell platform sandals, necklace courtesy of my sister’s closet.

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