A-Wang Wannabe

5 Aug

When I came across these pants on sale at Urban Outfitters I became very excited… You know how I feel about sweatpants disguised as something fashionable, and they totally reminded me of the Alexander Wang paper bag trousers I’ve wanted for months. When my friend Christina asked if they were, in fact, A.Wang, I realized I wasn’t the only one spotting the resemblance. There is a difference between a knockoff and a designer-inspired item, right? If not I’d have to throw out all my Jeffrey Campbells (GOD FORBID!).

Note: If I could dress in head-to-toe A.Wang all the time, oh Lord I would — but for now I’ll have to settle for a few wannabes.

*wearing: Urban Outfitters pants, T by Alexander Wang tank, Jeffrey Campbell clogs, jacket from Chinatown, vintage bracelets

Oh, and I’m dying to own a Diego bag. There’s no faking this badboy:

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