Spring Fresh Whiskey Cocktails

1 May


Vinceremos Julep

(Courtesy of Marie Zahn, Hawthorn Beverage Group)
  • 1.25 oz. I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • .75 oz. Amontillado Sherry
  • One tsp. Ginger Syrup
  • Eight mint leaves and three fresh mint sprigs

Instructions: Lightly muddle mint and ginger syrup, add other ingredients and top with pebble/crushed ice. Swizzle briefly and top with more ice. Garnish with three mint sprigs and straw.

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Harper’s Bet

(Courtesy of Mark Corley, The Silver Dollar)
  • 1.5 oz. I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • .5 oz. Grenadine
  • .5 oz. Lemon juice
  • .5 oz. Grapefruit juice
  • 3 dashes Orange bitters

Instructions: Shake and strain over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass.  Garnish with a lemon wheel or mint leaves.

Spring is in the air! Sunshine and blue skies inevitably accompany a craving for fresh and fruity cocktails. I.W. Harper Bourbon Whiskey has provided a couple perfect recipes for this time of year. Had lots of fun making (and drinking) them while enjoying a lovely Saturday on the porch with my dear friend Liz.

Two top-notch options for a seasonal social gathering — picnics, backyard bbq’s or even a Kentucky Derby party (that’s where this wonderful whiskey originates from, after all).

Cheers and enjoy!

3 Lovely Comments on “Spring Fresh Whiskey Cocktails”

  1. Vida 02. May, 2016 at 10:08 pm #

    Just spent the weekend in New Orleans and spent some time talking to a bartender with our group. Cocktails are really popular now. Old ones are coming back. These look great. Will have to try them!


  2. Lilli 02. May, 2016 at 1:06 pm #

    Definitely going to have to try the mint one. So excited for spring!


  3. Emilia 02. May, 2016 at 1:01 pm #

    Love these springy cocktails. Cannot wait to try them out! The second one sounds so good. And the flowers are prettyyyyy.


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