6 Dec

JUUL Vapor, denim on denim, Los Angeles Fashion, Bold Pumps

JUUL Vapor, denim on denim, Los Angeles Fashion, Bold Pumps

JUUL Vapor, denim on denim, Los Angeles Fashion, Bold Pumps

JUUL Vapor, denim on denim, Los Angeles Fashion, Bold Pumps

Smoking is an activity that I personally enjoy, oh so very much — and I know I am not alone when it comes to this. But smoking cigarettes is frowned upon these days (for good reason) and most of the people I spend time with don’t like being around it. C’est la vie. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the solution…

Say “hello” to JUUL — a smart, simple, intensely satisfying vapor alternative designed for adult smokers that isn’t at all obtrusive, by any means, as far as “e-cigs” go – I smell a lot better, in general, and am definitely more presentable, and the elegant design matches up pretty much perfectly with whatever I’m wearing, whenever I am wearing it. Can’t complain about that…

After many years of smoking cigarettes, staining my walls, stenching my home, and disturbing my friends with the smoke, I finally discovered my solution to avoiding all of the aforementioned issues with the JUUL. This device is appropriately named, because it’s kind of like coming across a treasure chest of intensely satisfying vapor gems. Gems that only adult smokers who are looking for an alternative would enjoy, of course.

I’m a “Tobacco” flavored girl by nature, but it is very satisfying trying the other JUUL pod flavors they offer. Second best, in my opinion, is the Mango, and the Fruit Medley is a close runner up! JUUL is also releasing a Limited Edition Flavor that I had the pleasure of trying on a recent visit to their HQ in San Francisco, called “Cool Cucumber”. It. Is. Awesome.

Another lovely JUUL (jewel) in life is living in Southern California where the weather is always sunny and I can wear a tank top in November, comfortably. Denim on denim always does the trick. Add some flavorful vapor to the mix and, as you can see, I’m one happy girl.

*head to toe: Hemsmith top + and matching pants (browse the collection HERE), paid partnership with JUUL vapor, & Other Stories pumps

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