Laura Ellner Bio






A wanderer, daydreamer and notorious mistake maker, I’m a curious explorer constantly seeking out new experiences. Fashion, communication, and travel are just a few of my many passions, and I’ve been lucky to live in some of the world’s most magical cities – San Francisco, Manhattan, Paris, and Los Angeles – meeting unforgettable people and made life-long friends along the way.

I’m an ambitious and oftentimes conflicted “creative”, who tends to walk the fine line between ordinary and outrageous. A “keep it real” kinda gal who’s acted a fool and hit some strange and extraordinary detours, collecting a few vintage gems, plenty of hangovers, some solid wisdom, and plenty of memories, along the way.






Founded in 2008, OnTheRacks began as a passion project, inspired by “shoes and booze”, and a creative destination to play with clothing and celebrate some carefree chaos. I’ve since been documenting a personal rollercoaster ride, sharing some highs and lows, each step of the way — a compilation of everyday hurdles, happy moments, heartbreaks, sexcapades, career changes, life-altering revelations, and more.

Nearly a decade later, OnTheRacks went from whiskey on the rocks to sparkling cider in a champagne flute. Sober, but still spicy and style-focused, I hope this site will provide you with a solid mix of outfit inspiration, beauty ideas, designer discoveries, and interesting tidbits from my fantastic contributors — with some marketing knowledge and perhaps a bit of wit, as well.