To Clog or Not to Clog?


When Chanel’s SS 2010 collection featured clogs galore, I must admit I was skeptical. Lets face it – clogs are old school. But, wait, are they really?

Karl Lagerfeld took the concept of this silly little dancing shoe and turned it to something fashion-forward and elevated (no real surprise there).

So an exception was made. While I by no means became a fan of the clog, I tend to be on board with all things Chanel.

And now Vera Wang has forced me to question my stance yet again with these to-die-for Daisy Platform Clogs. Not only are they way closer to my price range, but I think I may actually prefer them to Lagerfeld’s design (is that a sin to say?).


So, now I’m at a loss – to clog or not to clog? Only time will tell!

*image via Yarning

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