Kell On Earth Premier – The (manicured) Claws Come Out

Kelly Cutrone, the queen bitch of the fashion industry and PR wonder woman, had her reality show premier last night on Bravo. I have been anxiously anticipating Kell On Earth since hearing rumors of the series what seems like a year ago!

While Kelly may officially be a celebrity now, she is still undoubtedly a respected and dedicated career woman. And I think the plethora of wonderfully ridiculous quotes from last night’s episode will keep me coming back week after week.

Here are a few of my favorites…

On Hookers:

“We’re all hookers in one way or another.” 

“People are still so archaic. Who’s a hooker? Am I a hooker? Do I necessarily want to speak to my clients every day? No. Do I have to talk to them because they’re paying me money to give them good phone? Hell yeah.”

“I didn’t really think it would be such a big deal since half the people in a front row at a fashion show are sleeping with people for money — sometimes they’re just called their wives.”

On Fashion Show Status:

“Where you sit first of all, says how much power you have, how much money you have, or where your level of importance is in the fashion industry. So if you are in rows one, two, or three, you’re in the game. If you’re in any row above row three, you’re not in the game.” 

“I don’t want to dress up if I’m going to be in the third row. The point to dress up is you want people to see you.” (Ava, Kelly’s adorable daughter, on not being in rows 1-3)

“Don’t cry about not being in the front row. You’re seven years old.” (Kelly’s response)

On Couture:

“I know people use the word couture like Juicy Couture, or ‘oh, I have a couture dress,’ well you really don’t. A couturier is someone who is a member of The Federation of Couture.”

On Life: 

“If you have to cry, go outside.”

Woman speaks the truth!

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I have been reading about Kelly Cutrone everywhere. I will have to Tivo the show so I don’t miss it. Sounds like it is fun to watch. I heard she kicks people out of Fashion shows!