A wanderer, daydreamer and notorious mistake maker, I’m a curious explorer in constant search of new experiences. Fashion, contemplation, work, and travel are just a few of the many things I enjoy. I’ve been lucky to live in some of the world’s most magical cities (San Francisco, Manhattan, Paris, and Los Angeles), meet unforgettable people on my adventures, and make a handful of life-long friends along the way.

I’m ambitious, quirky and a little crazy, with a tendency to walk the line between ordinary and outrageous. Devoted to “keeping it real”, you’ll likely notice I’m raw, shamelessly drawn to taking irrational risks, and enjoy living life to the fullest. I’ve collected my fair share of embarrassing moments, relatable stories, an eclectic wardrobe, and loads of life lessons and meaningful memories while trying my best to navigate this strange journey.


Founded in 2008, OnTheRacks began as a passion project, inspired by “shoes and booze”, and a creative destination where I’d play with clothing and celebrate carefree chaos in an outward way. I’ve since been documenting my own personal rollercoaster ride, sharing the highs and lows I’ve faced, each step of the way — a compilation of everyday hurdles, happy moments, heartbreaks, sexcapades, career changes, life-altering revelations, and more.

On my quest to keep things spicy and style-focused, I hope this site will provide a mix of outfit inspiration, travel motivation, and life lessons (maybe you won’t even have to learn them the hard way). Most importantly, I hope we can be friends…because if you are reading this we’re probably not all that different at the end of the day!

UNRACKED Marketing

After nearly a decade of fashion/lifestyle-focused digital marketing experience, I founded UNRACKED Marketing. We are a creative collective of extraordinary freelancers and consultants, with all the tools necessary to make your brand magnetic.

At UNRACKED, we design innovative growth strategies – creating and executing cutting-edge campaigns, strengthening social media impact, delivering dynamic video and photo content, and captivating target audiences through effective branding — increasing engagement, conversions, and consumer loyalty.

Our valuable relationships with top digital influencers, celebrities, brands, and editors, combined with a thoughtful and effective alignment strategy, has consistently produced remarkable results. With a proven track record, we take a highly personalized approach to each client we partner with and have what it takes to amplify your business, taking it to the next level and then beyond.