Mendocino Escape

To celebrate my birthday a couple months back my boyfriend, Peter, and I planned a short city escape to the Mendocino Coast, a Northern California location I have always wanted to visit. It served as the most ideal destination for two overworked individuals in need of some fresh air and beautiful views without having to venture too far from home.

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Edge of The Clift

You may have noticed I've been OffTheRacks lately... but I'm still here, alive and well. There are many factors that led me to take a breather from publicly posting what I write (and what I wear). This blog was born from a desire to share my style in a way that pushed me creatively, and an effort to conquer certain insecurities. It helped me step outside my comfort zone and realize just how many women endure similar experiences to the ones I've encountered. We're all different, but sometimes not that different...

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After many years of smoking cigarettes, staining my walls, stenching my home, and disturbing my friends with the smoke, I finally discovered my solution to avoiding all of the aforementioned issues with the JUUL. This device is appropriately named, because it's kind of like coming across a treasure chest of intensely satisfying vapor gems. Gems that only adult smokers who are looking for an alternative would enjoy, of course. I'm a "Tobacco" flavored girl by nature, but it is very satisfying trying the other JUUL pod flavors they offer. Second best, in my opinion, is the [...]

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Bleach Black

Life doesn't have to match. We don't have to follow all the rules. Life doesn't have to be black and white, black or white, or any other color, for that matter. Life is just life. We don't have to define or categorize it. In fact, I don't think we should --trying to make sense of the unknown will only drive more confusion. This world we live in is confusing enough. Perhaps it's more logical to embrace what baffles us instead of running away all the time, turning a blind eye. I want to stop running away. I [...]

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For the bold ones, the mavericks, and those who march to the beat of their own drum.  We weren't built for subtlety, and we’ll leave this world a little different than it was when we got here — our stiletto footprint set in stone. We gracefully walk the tightrope of life like acrobats, and even when the strongest winds try and blow us off course, we keep our balance.  We’re the daydreamers whose minds are constantly running, training for a race we’re destined to win. Known for our ambition, we’ll beat the odds. When told there’s something [...]

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Life, According To Denim

I wear my denim like I live my life. Flawed with a few tears, here and there. Worn in with stories to accompany the imperfections. "High wasted" was the go-to for most of my 20's. Sometimes I still shamefully opt for "intentionally distressed". I'm coming to accept that outgrowing certain styles isn't necessarily a bad thing... All of a sudden classic has this flattering and mysterious appeal. Comfort is appreciated, but rarely takes top priority, as far as decision-making goes. This, for me, may never change. Oh well. My collection is eclectic and interesting. I like it [...]

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A Simple Safari

Never underestimate the satisfaction that accompanies slipping on a jammin' jumpsuit -- ONE AND DONE (reference here, here and here...see what I mean?!) I was talking to a friend about fashion and trends recently, something I rarely discuss these days because, well, I don't care that much. That being said , this conversation did encourage me to acknowledge that, while I may have adopted a liking for "lazy" attire, my lifestyle is anything but, and appearance does actually matter...at least a little bit. Am I curating cutting-edge outfits on a daily basis? No. But, fortunately, there are still stylish (and affordable) [...]

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