Cracked But Not Broken

"The scar meant that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me." -Anaïs Nin I frequently talk about troubles, struggles, triumphs, crashes and burns. I talk about how, after crumbling into little pieces, I've attempted to glue it all back together and move forward - stronger than I was before breaking. Not to be dark and dreary, but I am convinced that, as women, we may never stop facing struggles, unfortunately, on global scale. It's something that is hitting particularly hard today, Inauguration Day, when all you magical females and males are standing strong and defending our rights by Marching. FUCK YES, [...]

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

While I think Valentine's Day is a completely reasonable excuse to get drunk and naked, I also stand firm in my belief that considering it an actual holiday is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I'm just being bitter...really, to each their their own, I suppose. However, my personal opinion is that this day adds unnecessary pressure to our already stressful lives. Managing to stay in a healthy relationship is difficult enough, so why make it even harder? For the singles out there February 14th is, best case scenario, depressing. The older we get, the more likely we are to [...]

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Cheeseburger Love Affair

Over the cheesy gift roundups. Not in the mood to share a tear-jerking novella. No romantic poetry. Sure, I do indulge in these things from time to time - guilty as charged. But NOT today... Middle fingers up to Cupid and Hallmark. Here's to ditching labels and eye-rolling at fake holidays. For my ladies who'd prefer a night in with a bottle of red, or an evening out with gal pals and loads of laughter, over a cliché bouquet of roses... HAPPY FUCKING VALENTINE'S DAY! *wearing: Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick, Satin Maxi Slip Dress, pleated velvet dress from ASOS (similar styles HERE), black low-cut [...]

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Scent Of A Woman

As a hopeless romantic, traveler and lover of light, beautiful fragrances, I immediately fell for Fictions, and the stunning products this one-of-a-kind collection has to offer. Fictions, publishers of fine perfume, partners with remarkable creatives to conjure the scent and story of a woman in LOVE. Intriguing, collectible and eminently wearable, the fragrance brand's editions are set in the iconic cities of London, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney and its latest edition, Istanbul. Not only did I connect with Fictions for their classic-yet-unique fragrances, but all the cities (Istanbul aside) are places where I have either lived, been in love, [...]

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One Foot In Front Of The Other

I have been angry for months. Am I entitled to these feelings? I think so. Has it been constructive? Not particularly. I grew up incapable of staying angry at loved ones for more than 24 hours (and my family and friends could attest to that). Conflict resolution, for me, has typically consisted of a convo along the lines of, "OK, lets talk about it, I love you, how about we hug it out, this was a stupid argument, can we go get 3 bottles of wine now, please?" That girl changed, and it has been really hard to keep my sadness and resentment [...]

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It’s In The Bag

(VUSE paid advertisement) I am one of those gals who never leaves home without all her essentials in tow...a notorious "bag lady", if you will. As a result, I've become a huge fan of oversized totes and enormous satchels, which I jam-pack to the brim with personal necessities to kick off busy days that, oftentimes, feel never-ending. And it all starts by being fully prepared for whatever madness might get thrown my way. From lip balms and lotions to a good pair of sunnies, my cell phone, keys, wallet, cigarettes (or, lately, my favorite vape, VUSE VIBE), and of course a quality [...]

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Only Fools Are Satisfied

For the record, there is very little planning that goes into my blog posts, and they all mean something to me. These photos were shot after a sleepless night I spent working (I happen to suffer from insomnia), while on a recent road trip up the coast with a very special person who I am lucky to have in my life. My smeared makeup was the result of an unwashed face from the evening before when I got dolled up in over-the-top attire and ate a steak with 3 martinis while watching an older couple conquer the empty dance floor. So much fun. [...]

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