Mendocino Escape

To celebrate my birthday a couple months back my boyfriend, Peter, and I planned a short city escape to the Mendocino Coast, a Northern California location I have always wanted to visit. It served as the most ideal destination for two overworked individuals in need of some fresh air and beautiful views without having to venture too far from home.

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Edge of The Clift

You may have noticed I've been OffTheRacks lately... but I'm still here, alive and well. There are many factors that led me to take a breather from publicly posting what I write (and what I wear). This blog was born from a desire to share my style in a way that pushed me creatively, and an effort to conquer certain insecurities. It helped me step outside my comfort zone and realize just how many women endure similar experiences to the ones I've encountered. We're all different, but sometimes not that different...

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Bleach Black

Life doesn't have to match. We don't have to follow all the rules. Life doesn't have to be black and white, black or white, or any other color, for that matter. Life is just life. We don't have to define or categorize it. In fact, I don't think we should --trying to make sense of the unknown will only drive more confusion. This world we live in is confusing enough. Perhaps it's more logical to embrace what baffles us instead of running away all the time, turning a blind eye. I want to stop running away. I [...]

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Cracked But Not Broken

"The scar meant that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me." -Anaïs Nin I frequently talk about troubles, struggles, triumphs, crashes and burns. I talk about how, after crumbling into little pieces, I've attempted to glue it all back together and move forward - stronger than I was before breaking. Not to be dark and dreary, but I am convinced that, as women, we may never stop facing struggles, unfortunately, on global scale. It's something that is hitting particularly hard today, Inauguration Day, when all you magical females and males are standing strong and defending our rights by Marching. FUCK YES, [...]

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Cheeseburger Love Affair

Over the cheesy gift roundups. Not in the mood to share a tear-jerking novella. No romantic poetry. Sure, I do indulge in these things from time to time - guilty as charged. But NOT today... Middle fingers up to Cupid and Hallmark. Here's to ditching labels and eye-rolling at fake holidays. For my ladies who'd prefer a night in with a bottle of red, or an evening out with gal pals and loads of laughter, over a cliché bouquet of roses... HAPPY FUCKING VALENTINE'S DAY! *wearing: Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick, Satin Maxi Slip Dress, pleated velvet dress from ASOS (similar styles HERE), black low-cut [...]

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Only Fools Are Satisfied

For the record, there is very little planning that goes into my blog posts, and they all mean something to me. These photos were shot after a sleepless night I spent working (I happen to suffer from insomnia), while on a recent road trip up the coast with a very special person who I am lucky to have in my life. My smeared makeup was the result of an unwashed face from the evening before when I got dolled up in over-the-top attire and ate a steak with 3 martinis while watching an older couple conquer the empty dance floor. So much fun. [...]

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Keep On Truckin’

I have been doing some personal reflection lately, after falling into a somewhat disgruntled frame of mind -- a state of being which has actually become an unwelcome tradition for me this time of year. It tends to start out that way, at least... When it comes to my personality, I'm stubborn and far from complacent. In describing myself as such I am not being self-deprecating -- the opposite, in fact. When things go wrong, I do everything possible to try and find a solution. 2016, however, has probably been my strangest year to date (and trust me when I say there have been some pretty [...]

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