Bubbles on Bubbles

When all else fails, book a fancy hotel room (on credit, if you must - it’ll cost about as much as a therapy session in NYC), and enjoy an evening in with your favorite girls. Take a bubble bath, order four bottles of champagne, wrap on up in cozy robes and let your worries float away. Cry, bitch, laugh, sing, dance…do whatever you have to do to let go. Even if the escape is only temporary. Feeling empty? Well there are countless ways to fill up on endorphins (sparkling wine is a good place to start). Stress [...]

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On Shuffle

It is a bizarre and familiar feeling to be so utterly inspired and disinterested at the same time… To wake up with so much hope and gratitude, while simultaneously feeling like my bones may crumble to dust if someone says the "wrong" thing.  Life can be a faulty, volatile, jolting roller coaster. Minutes can go by before I realize that I've practically forgotten to inhale… But, if you aren’t struggling, at least a little bit, then what the fuck are you doing? OWN IT: who you were, who you are, who you want to become…and don't forget to keep on learning along [...]

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Shine On

"A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure." Henry Kissinger Sometimes life can be a real mother fucker. And I don't even mean that to be a pessimistic statement....it's just true. Bad shit happens to good people. The world is riddled with inexplicable hatred, and more grief and injustice than I will ever comprehend. But we persevere, because...is there another option? Instead of cracking under pressure, I'm going to try and keep searching for that small, shiny light that has to exist somewhere - even if all think you see is pitch black darkness. Finding that glimmer of hope could [...]

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En Passant

So excited to share this very special feature, in collaboration with I.W. Harper and Frederic Malle! I happen to be quite seasoned when it comes to sipping on spirits, so working with I.W. Harper always makes for a fun time (check out my previous post about Holiday Cocktailing for some delicious ideas). However, as much as I love and have a strong appreciation for the art of perfumery, I've always been too indecisive to pick out my "signature scent". I.W. Harper and Frederic Malle went went above and beyond in setting up this amazing experience. Frederic Malle offers an uncompromising approach to fragrance creation, [...]

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I want to live my life like a balloon...be able to rise above. I want to let go of the anger and distress that can sometimes consume me, and just feel weightless. I want to soar to great heights without letting anything or anyone hold me back. I want to fly away. *head to toe: hair color by Brian Adelman, Reformation jumpsuit (more fun styles here), Renard watch (take 15% off your purchase with code "ontheracks") Photos by ABSTRACT // shot at Hotel Indigo Newark

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Vienna Waits For You

Vienna Waits For You was my FAVORITE song for years -- especially during college. I've always struggled with anxiety and a chronic feeling that I am not doing enough. I can work the most absurd hours to the point of obsession, but for some reason feel that it's still not enough. Always in a rush to move on to the next...to something bigger, better and brighter, yet somehow unable to arrive. Fighting to find my "Vienna". I guess now I am more of a "crazy adult" than a "crazy child", as the song goes...but I think the message is such a good [...]

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Holiday Cocktailing

'Tis the season for holiday parties -- from intimate gatherings with a few friends to full-on social soirées. Had the pleasure of teaming up with I.W. Harper, the historic American bourbon company, and my "French wife" Céline and I enjoyed a late afternoon of testing out a few recipes that are perfectly delicious to sip on this time of year. I've just recently become a bit of a whiskey girl, but these recipes are delicious enough for just about anyone to enjoy! Definitely worth trying, and I.W. Harper is the perfect option to add that extra special touch of deliciousness... [...]

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