Lemon Aid

I happen to be a big fan of experimenting with new beauty products...not really a "regimen" kind of gal. In fact, I typically see better results by mixing things up when it comes to my skin and haircare routines. Right now, my latest obsession is a Lemon Rinse by Beautiful Nutrition, which smells amazing, holds in moisture, and leaves your locks feeling so fresh and so clean, clean. Basically it accomplishes the same thing that top of the line facial toner does for your skin...but to your hair! You know me, I tend to go with a beachy, messy look. Problem is, sometimes this style borders on [...]

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A friend and mentor wrote to me: You can do anything and change everything. All of the answers are inside of you, so keep on discovering. When it comes to accomplishing the things you love or starting again, you have to leave the unimportant behind. I do not mean by blaming anyone. On the contrary, being thankful for them because they helped you to understand what is yours and what is not.  Get a new source of energy, powered by gratitude; gratitude for your parents, for your health, for your body, for your soul, for friends, for Ringo, and just take that step forward.  "Bad" [...]

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Red, White + Blue

I feel fortunate to be an American, and also to have had the privilege of traveling and experiencing different cultures. I know it is a big year, but I am not one to talk politics so I hope everyone chooses wisely and we can become a more united and cool country...I will leave it at that. Anyway, today is a day to celebrate with beer, fireworks and friends. Let's give it up for the red, white and blue! *head to toe: NARS matte lip crayon, vintage necklace (more statement necklaces HERE), blue and white striped maxi dress (click [...]

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Just Show Up

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates When life throws you curveballs, as it will, time and time again, just remember that this shit is normal. I cannot recall the last time I was actually prepared for any significant change but, more often than not, with change comes something magical and completely unexpected. If things start to feel off kilter...adjust. Don't feel obligated to explain your decisions to anyone. People may love you and have your best interest at heart, but nobody knows you [...]

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Shine On

"A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure." Henry Kissinger Sometimes life can be a real mother fucker. And I don't even mean that to be a pessimistic's just true. Bad shit happens to good people. The world is riddled with inexplicable hatred, and more grief and injustice than I will ever comprehend. But we persevere, there another option? Instead of cracking under pressure, I'm going to try and keep searching for that small, shiny light that has to exist somewhere - even if all think you see is pitch black darkness. Finding that glimmer of hope could [...]

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En Passant

So excited to share this very special feature, in collaboration with I.W. Harper and Frederic Malle! I happen to be quite seasoned when it comes to sipping on spirits, so working with I.W. Harper always makes for a fun time (check out my previous post about Holiday Cocktailing for some delicious ideas). However, as much as I love and have a strong appreciation for the art of perfumery, I've always been too indecisive to pick out my "signature scent". I.W. Harper and Frederic Malle went went above and beyond in setting up this amazing experience. Frederic Malle offers an uncompromising approach to fragrance creation, [...]

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