Free Ads!

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Hello again!

Look familiar? I wasn’t kidding : ) We’re really giving away free ads to any of the fine fashionistas that I met along the way at fashion week this year (or otherwise)!

Since we’re a relatively new blog, we figured the best way to promote ourselves is to give a little love of our own back to the community. So, without further ado… to promote your blog or website for free, simply tweet (or blog), mentioning @OnTheRacks with a link to us. For example:

I love @OnTheRacks because _______________! http://localhost

Check out the latest blog post from @OnTheRacks: Fashion Week Fall Schedule 2010.

@OnTheRacks is blowing my mind right now! http://localhost

Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. We’ll keep an eye out but just to make sure we don’t miss you, send an email to letting us know you did.

The teeny print:

  • In order to qualify, your Blog/Website must be relevant to OnTheRacks content (fashion/life/libations)
  • You must be able to submit a 125x125px image that we can use to link back to you (if you’d prefer a simple text link back, we can work with you too)
  • We reserve final say on which ads submitted are appropriate and will ultimately be displayed on the site
  • We may decide to leave your ad up longer than a week (a month, a year, who knows!?)… if that’s okay with you, of course.

Pretty simple, huh? Thanks for helping support us as we’re trying to get some readership going. If you like the blog, we’d totally love to speak more with you about guest blogging for us or vice versa! Hope to hear from you soon!