Laguna Pearls necklace


Ok, I love this skirt so much that I own two of them. Admittedly, I probably have one of the most eclectic / chaotic wardrobes this side of the Mississippi…I don't own two of anything. But if you ask me, this skirt is just that good. I had to double up. About a year ago I was introduced to the British online retailer, Alice's Pig, and immediately snapped up one of these in red plaid (remember this post?!). After visiting the site again recently, I saw that my friends made a new blue one with the same [...]

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For Manhattan

Last week my friend Jono and I ventured across the Manhattan Bridge - something I had never done before! It was a pretty solid walk and the weather was completely whack, so I'm glad I decided to keep it casual in my new Big Star jeans, and a basic ATM tee. I love living in a city that offers endless activities…New York, you are anything but boring. Anyway, I must say I think the Manhattan Bridge is completely underrated. I won't complain because it wasn't packed with tourists who insist on stopping every two seconds to take [...]

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